25. Jun
( Party )
Abgesagt! Rawmantique XXL
  • Amanda Mussi
    Nihad Tule
    Cali Rose
    Albrecht Wassersleben
    Radical Softness
  • Techno, House, Electronic
  • 15,-
A moment of stillness in the togetherness. 
While hands entwining together, 
and the bodies that carry so much sensuality, 
are now tangling in this one moment. 
The music is louder than we could speak,
but our hearts speak truth and honesty.
Your eyes meet mine in dark corners,
But we left our fingers to discover..
Raw walls, Art, Love...
A vibe of heat and steam.
A new spoken reality,
Your spirit is the dance floor...
And your mind is my desirability
I love your pride,
Your authenticity,
Your beauty.
We understand that we carry together
A community
Your desires,
and fury.
Your gentleness,
and purity.
welcome to Rawmantique 

Dress code: NO casual street-wear!
be CREATIVE and EXPRESS yourself

- Any kind of misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic or insulting behavior will NOT be TOLERATED.
- You are free to express yourself, dance and have fun however you like.
- Remember to ALWAYS ask for CONSENT CONSENT CONSENT and treat each other with RESPECT! if you notice any discrimination, shaming, sexual harassment or assault, please let us know immediately!
- Look out for one another, if you notice that someone is not feeling well or going through any kind of insulting behavior by anyone please be ready to help.
- No photo/video allowed.
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