Bert Radscho

Robert, also known as Radscho, was born in Uckermark and has been active in the Dresden scene since 2012. In his hometown, he is part of the organizing team of Wild in der Region e.V., an association dedicated to party and festival culture in northeastern Germany. In recent years, the association has built stages for the Uckeralm, Oewerall, Letzte Wiese, and Mit Dir Festival. Since the end of 2018, he has also been part of DISCOnnect, a collective and podcast for all kinds and forms of disco, house, and everything in between. With the DISCOnnect-Cast, he presents and supports artists who, like him, are dedicated to the disco sound. As a DJ, his sound is somewhere between Italo Disco, Dark Disco, and Indie Dance. In his sets, you never know what he will play next. He spices up his sound with disco classics and underground edits, making his sets a guarantee for energetic surprises.
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