Dadi Meister

So how do I do this? Do I use the 3rd person to tell the story about me? Nah, let’s keep it real for once. From hitting pans & pots to hitting keys on laptops. Drumming was my passion for over a decade, but it was never enough. Growing up with a lot of Punk Rock, I’m glad Thom Yorke, Syd Barrett, Frank Zappa, Eels and countless others helped me to get a glance at what else is possible in music. So no wonder I was playing the drums in all kinds of bands. Check out Code Canary, the recent band I played with - I love this music <3 Later on I got flashed by Björk and Moderat. Also big thanks to Apparat, Phantogram, FKA twigs, Sevdaliza, SOHN - you are a huge source of inspiration! I was born and raised in Germany, hated school, loved people, loved booze and pot a little too much and am now trying to just be, create and connect with caring, woke people. However, it’s time for me to get to the heart of my musical soul and to find whatever is inside, I’m curious… Love, Dadi
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