Lasse Reinströem

...Die Dresdner Subkultur-Band...spezielle Mix aus Psychedelic-Stoner, düsterem Heavy-Rock und noisigem Post-Punk..."

"...Die unterhaltsame Heavy-Entertainment-Breitweite dieser Band ist schon sehr bemerkenswert..."
Rene Seim (Dresdner 02/2024)

Bandcamp included LRS-Sound in their 2018 list of top ten German Hard Rock bands describing them as; 'Ranging from the southern fried classic rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd to the shrieking art-punk of Nina Hagen to Motorhead’s busted muffler rock ‘n’ roll. Add in a hefty dose of sludgy alt-rock, and you have yourself a recipe for a good time—and some pretty potent rocket fuel' Having performed more than 400 live shows across Europe, with bands such as; Stoned Jesus, Spaceslug, Dÿse, Heroin Whores, Triggerkid and the Ending Man, Monstertruck, Arboretum, Lombego Surfers or Gorilla Monsoon, they have developed a knack for consistently whiping the audience into a frenzy which Urbanite described as: 'Their performances are anything but boring... dancing, moshing, singing and will stop anyone in their path.' 
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