Marcel Koar

  • DJ*
  • House, Acid, Italo-Disco
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Small-town boy MARCEL  KOAR sat in his teenage room in Schwarzkollm (Saxony, GER) while the Love Parade of 2000 took place in Berlin. Thanks to live streaming he had the chance to fall in love with electronic music. This techno TV rave experience inspired him to eagerly do the paper rounds to earn his first turntable. By now he’s deep in the vinyl business, still converting every hard-earned cent into the black gold with devotion. After his move to Dresden in 2011 he started playing in front of people. He took part in various projects like Ouvert, Pangaea or 5th Family until he found himself home with the collective “Children of the Drum” with whom he now also organizes events. Beyond Dresden his musical journey has taken him to the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine - most recently even to Berlin’s notorious Sisyphos. Chapeau! No matter where he goes, no dancer’s heart can save itself from his fine house, acid and wave right up to disco beats.
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