Shannon Soundquist

Shannon Soundquist is a sound artist and radio producer. She holds degrees in art history, psychology, communication studies, and studied media art with Carsten Nicolai / Alva Noto, currently with Nevin Aladağ. She works conceptually with sound, text, graphics and typography. Her live sets are cinematic, dark, noisy, non-tonal and conceptual. The sound works are based on the de- and reconstruction of body sounds and speech material that poetically revolves around the subject’s condition in society. Her works are both installation / radio play and performative. Her research question on sound is: How can body sounds and speech be morphed into abstract electronic sounds and vice versa? What does the boundary of understanding and meaning feel like? 

Where she exhibited/published/played live or DJ-ed:
Deutschlandfunk (radio drama) // Festival DAVE SPECTRA // Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden // Cynet Art Festival Dresden // Multimediale Biennale „Pochen“ in Chemnitz // Hochschule für Musik Dresden // dgtl fmnsm // HfBK Dresden, Oktogon, Klasse Carsten Nicolai // Kunsthaus Dresden // Universität Köln // phonon~ (CZ, Usti nad Labem) // Institut für Akustik, TU Dresden // Circuit Circle // Tapetenwerk Leipzig // Rockefeller Center for Contemporary Art Dresden // Galerie 3 // Objekt klein a Dresden ...
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