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Charlie & the Lesbians
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Charlie & the lesbians (NL)

Welcome into the chaotic, impetuous world of Charlie & the lesbians. A quartet that explores the edges of their genre to show you all aspects of punk. The Dutch troublemakers are filthy, rude and in your face. Looking for that one moment to express your frustrations? Charlie & the lesbians will gladly help you!In 2017 the band released two gruesome EPs and a handful of singles withwhich they’ve destroyed multiple basements, venues and lost souls. On February 1st, 2019 their new double EP 'Paper Trail of Happiness' will be released on Bottom Shelf Records.

Baits (AT)

Live they sometimes sound like Hole on their best days, on record more like The Breeders, Pavement or the very early PJ Harvey - the kind of rock music, which builds on the Old Testament of the Velvet Underground. "Stalker", their 2016 release, they call modestly an "EP", but the work can also be regarded as quite a strong album, with tons of hooklines and a simplicity that is catchy and doesn't get boring. Be prepared for their single "Paralell Universe" to be release on January 18th, 2018, with a their first full-length following later in 2019.
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