18. Jan
[ Party ]
Conte, Coralle & CO _ episodio stravaganza
  • Dick Price
  • Rap, House, Disco
  • 4,-
Veranstaltungs Bild
Sometimes people come up to me and ask me: "Conte - wtf?!" I love this. I love having this WTF-moment. It is raw. It is true. It is natural and unavoidable. I give it room to spread. I give it air to breath. I make the rules and set the limitations. And in this bordered playground I feel free and safe. Another year - another dollar. Again I will I provide for you: --Conti, Corallsen & CO-berts!-- And we got exciting things to come. In the first Epsiode werde I firstmal again to deutsch zwitschen, um dann die musikalische Reichweite meiner highlightCrew anzukündigen: Von Big Booty Bass, über Rap zu Disco, Italo, Wave, House and of course NO Techno. Von wegen Einheitsbrei. Unlimited shades of everything!
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