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Corporate / Discorporate
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Können Sie eine Frage stellen?
Hier bei AnnieQuinn wissen wir, das Freud und Leid Münzen sind, größer und kleiner, die alle ähnlichen Formen auf ihrem Weg zur Bank durchqueren. Cash in mit Ihrem individuell konfigurierten TETRA-score!  Fühlen Sie Ihre eigene Auflösung, während wir uns voneinander befreien! Sie sind das Interface, auf das wir gewartet haben und das Produkt, das seit dem Dawn Of Information produziert wird. Verhandeln Sie neue Grenzen und erfassen Sie sich selbst über die Grenzen aller Plattformen!

Can you ask a question? Here at AnnieQuinn, we know that pleasure and pain are coins, greater and less, that all similar figures pass through on their way to the bank.  Cash in with your own individually configured TETRA score! Feel yourself dissolve as we strip away ourselves of each other!  You are the interface we have been waiting for and the product that has been in process since the dawn of  information.  Negotiate new boundaries and embrace yourself across all platforms!    

AnnieQuinn is a multi-disciplinary performance and audio/visual series investigating the ways that hyper-late-capitalism commodifies and fractures identity, the body, and society as a whole.  It abstracts the systems of indoctrination that corporate and political bodies implement in order to mass distribute ideologies, blur lines between user and product, and create working environments in which employees are convinced their is no division between work and play, work time and free time. By sewing the seeds of resistance from within the system itself, AnnieQuinn wants to create a dialogue about creating new systems of negotiation centred around acceptance of fluid identities, embodiment, and human connection.  

Caroline Beach: Concept and Choreography
Ian Whalen: Concept, Video and Media Installation
Marvin Neidhardt:  Curation, Dramaturgy, Project Management
Lise Rüger, Amelie Sabbagh, Sebastian Schrader:  Stage and Costume Design
Zarina Stahnke:  Graphic Design 
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