04. Sep
[ Performance ]
Cyber Jaya
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    Keynote Meditation mit Cyber Jaya Jared Marks und Ariel Cohen

    Inspired by Silicon Valley spirituality and based on actual social media spiritual leaders, Jared Marks created Cyber Jaya, founder and CEO of TechnOM ©.
    Cyber Jaya's philosophy centers around technology, not just as a means of dissemination but as a divine entity in itself. In his
    Keynote Meditation, a TED-talk style powerpoint presentation, he divulges viewers the details behind the founding of his start-up-turned-cult and his technocentric esotericism. He is joined by
    devout follower Ruth Blackburn, portrayed by Ariel Cohen, who demonstrates ritual exercises guided by Peacefully Connected ©, TechnOM’s latest AI-driven spiritual app.

    An event as part of "AnnieQuinn - Let Your Eyes Adjust To The Light" and "Alles jetzt! Time, Space And It's Contents"
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