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Emika has her own sound and is following her own path.  Since the turn of the decade she has been producing electronic and neo classical music, combining her skills as a sound designer, classically trained composer, and prolific singer-singer writer, she has released 6 critically acclaimed albums to date and works independently running her own business Emika Records.

Born in Milton Keynes, England, from a British father and Czech mother, she started making music using a 4-track cassette recorder as a young teen, combining classical piano, electronics through sampling techniques, getting her first job at her friends? local recording studio.  She later went on to study Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University to learn the art of record production, while living in Bristol and discovering the cities early bass music scene which would later evolve to become the now world-famous dubstep movement.

As a postgraduate student she moved overseas to Berlin to work as a Sound Designer at one of the leading global music tech companies, Native Instruments; developing products for producers and DJ?s alike.  She collaborated with internationally known Techno club, Berghain;  to record an archive of field-recordings inside the club which were then used for their 5 year anniversary release, ?Fünf? (2010).

Her music has been featured in films such as Spielmacher (Warner Bros ? Germany, 2018), Bad Banks (ZDF, 2018)  and the film trailer for Mission Impossible 4 as well as USA hit TV series The Blacklist (NBC, 2013) and How To Get Away With Murder (ABC, 2016) including a feature on the popular game Wipeout from Playstation.  She has received chart success with her icy electronic cover if Chris Isaak?s ?Wicked Game? which reached no.2 in the USA iTunes charts and no.1 in Canada (2013).  

Since the start of this year she has built a new music studio in the forest surrounding Berlin and is researching how to build an eco-friendly ?earth-ship?, intent on using her creativity to change her lifestyle and business to be more in harmony with the planet. 
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