07. Dez
( Konzert )
Eyes Shaker
  • Eyes Shaker
  • Psych Rock,Heavy Soul,Oriental Boogie
  • 10,-
Eyes Shaker kommen nach Dresden! Das Gebrüder-Duo aus Genf feuert eine dicke Mischung aus Psych Rock/Heavy Soul und Oriental Boogie aus Hammond/Moog und Drums! Nicht verpassen!
"Two brothers grace the stage with a shining and jingling Drumkit accompanied by a massive collection of vintage keyboards and amps, from Hammond to Moog to oriental synths.
The Organ preaches Gospel, charms snakes, and tricks wild Boogies.
The Drummer whips up his grooves, leans back on Soul and Rock'n'Roll, soars between the Gnawa of the Magreb and the Maqsum of the Orient, a contemporary touch with the infectious beats of house music and new jazz generation. Prepare for a loud, groovy performance that will break up your everyday ear routine!"
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