22. Okt
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DAVE pres: Federico Albanese
  • Federico Albanese
    Simon Goff
  • Classic
  • VVK 25,-
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Italian contemporary composer Federico Albanese is announcing live dates for the Fall 2019. 
Last year saw the release of his critical acclaimed album “ By The Deep Sea”, followed by an intense tour across Europe. Performing with piano and electronics, Albanese explored the clear timbre of the acoustic piano entwined with a rich and sophisticated electronic background.
For this Fall tour 2019, Albanese will take his music into boundless territories, where true emotion and deepest thoughts only count. He'll reduce the electronic infrastructure, moving a step forward and bringing his research towards new grounds.
Be part of a blissful, terse atmosphere that will lead you and all the audience to a mesmerizing voyage, into Federico’s most pure musical universe.
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