11. Jun
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Flowers & Fabini
  • Flowers & Fabini
  • Electronic
  • Spende
"Mac Flowers and Fario Fabini are presenting their take on a contemporary music. Brought to live with modern gadgets, their cinematic music creates pictures ranging from moving digital landscapes, with a peculiar color, up to abstract drum processions with a human quality. One can recognize they various styles of ingenious music, yet their mostly contemplative music avoids acoustic stereotypes.

Flowers, mainly playing trumpet, creates sounds ranging from singing vowels and flute like tones, up to animalistic calls. Through the use of harmonizers and parallel harmonics he creates a melodic language rooted in modal music, but expanding it to more abstract bitonal soundscapes. Fabini adds guitar, orchestral colors and digital percussions, as well as live sampling, in order to create beautiful, yet slightly disturbing atmospheres and rhythms. This leads to a form of musical interplay in a digital realm, which can be experienced quite rarely."
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