01. Nov
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Haus of Raw
  • Nastazia Philippou
    Johannes Goldbach
    Anthony Bachelier
    Rodrigo Pinto
    Caroline Beach
    Casey Ouzounis
    Gem Kling
    Christian Novopavlovski
    Friedrich Ernst (noar crew)
    Erik Riedl
    Paolo Magico
    Ernst August
  • VVK 13,50
Veranstaltungs Bild
From within the Baroque streets of Dresden, into the urban corners of the Neustadt, Haus of Raw is born. 

Haus of Raw is a Queer audio-visual experience highlighting and celebrating the Contemporary Queer Culture that showcases queer talents and performers, merged with live musical performances and visual art. The goal is to engulf the participants into a 360-degree story telling experience.

Using the modern technologies, our interest lays in exploring the “AI” manifestation that is mirrored with the creative and primal movement of the human body, mind & soul, inviting like-minded individuals to join our cyber “digital” and analog “offline” community. 

We are honored to be featuring Soura Film Festival, the first queer film festival in Berlin to curate projects from artists from the Middle Eastern & North African regions.
Soura brings to the spot light diverse point of views, sharing with our local scene raw daily life focused films & explorations bringing closer our queer communities together.

We are also celebrating the ballroom culture by presenting a runway walk that will give our Queer Community a chance of happiness and offers a non-judgment space to join and be a part of.

Haus of Raw is your first existential question; what’s your reality?


Note: Please print your ticket before arrival. Other tickets are sold at the door.
As our space is limited due to restrictions come early!


- Your safety is extremely important to us, so to help fight Covid. we have many tables and seats to relax with your group.
- You must not move the tables as they are spaced according to regulations.
- This is not a rave or a dance event! - this is your cultural boost to challenge your mind and travel in time.
- You must provide your full name, address, email and phone number on entry. (We respect your privacy, your info are safe with us.)
- Regularly wash and disinfect your hands.
- Please respect the 1.5 meter distancing rule. Groups of 10 remain together, get your tickets wisely.

Until the day that we can celebrate properly together, lets work as a community to help fight COVID. 
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