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Rauze in Konzert: Anne Müller
  • Anne Müller (Berlin)
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Im Rahmen des mehrtägigen Timeless Eternity Stream aus dem Sektor Evolution durften auch wir eine Stunde gestalten. Dafür haben wir uns die wunderbare Anne Müller eingeladen.

Anne Müller
Born and raised in Berlin, Anne Müller is an acclaimed composer-cellist focussed on novel approaches to classical instrumentation. A profound believer in the power of artistic collaboration, Anne has worked with a wide variety of artists, including Nils Frahm (7fingers, Music for the Motion Picture Victoria), Ben Lukas Boysen (Mirage), Agnes Obel, and Markus Sieber (aka Aukai) on his four solo records, including his most recent release ‘Game Trails’.

Anne co-founded the live project Solo Collective along with violinist/singer Alex Stolze and pianist/conceptual artist Sebastian Reynolds, who released Solo Collective Part One in November 2017. She has released two tracks on Erased Tapes’ 5th and 10th anniversary box sets, ‘Walzer für Robert’ and ‘Bel Tono’, and her debut solo record, ‘Heliopause’ in November 2019.

Anne has performed on a number of film scores, including Nils Frahm’s score for Victoria, and her music has been heard across numerous dance pieces, commercials and films.  She recently scored Ruth Platt’s feature film Martyr’s Lane (2021).
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