19. Mär
( Party )
Rawmantique: Opening Season
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    Hanni G
    Santa Valentina
  • Techno
  • 12,-
Let’s go back, go back to the very first moment when you felt love.
The world has opened a portal; A new dimension.
It is full of new possibilities.
New knowledge.
New life.
A generation of unity; the differences do not matter. Each made it upon themselves.
To fight.
To love.
To protect.
To thrive.
We are Rawmantique’s new generation
You, us, together we create Safety; Romance.

Dress code:
NO casual street-wear!
be CREATIVE and EXPRESS yourself 
feel free to dress in: lingerie, sports wear, Latex, leather, naked, costume, fetish...etc

2G+ rule applies, this means that everyone should show proof of VACCINATION or RECOVERY + Valid Test
Test Station Available outside the club
Wear your mask in the queue
Safe rave and safer space principles
- any kind of misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic or insulting behavior will NOT be TOLERATED.
- you are free to express yourself, dance and have fun however you like.
- remember to ALWAYS ask for CONSENT and treat each other with RESPECT!
if you notice any discrimination, shaming, sexual harassment or assault, please let us know immediately!
- look out for one another, if you notice that someone is not feeling well or going through any kind of insulting behavior by anyone please be ready to help.
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