22. Sep
( Party )
Rawmantique's 4th anniversary
  • Amanda Mussi
  • Techno
Today's the day, darlings, for a little fruit fiesta,
Plucking those gems from our tree's treasure chest,
Four years back, we planted it with love 
We grooved by its side, fed it with love and fluids,
Under its cool shade, we hid from the rest,
Our secrets,fears and passions, in this tree, invest,
This bounty's a gift, it belongs to us,
So come on over, enjoy, be part of what you once helped to grow.

Dress code: strictly NO casual streetwear! be creative and feel free to express yourself!
We will prioritize the queer community & people who clearly made an effort to dress for the occasion 
Ideas: club fashion, fetish wear, swimwear, creative styled sportswear, lingerie.. etc

*Please READ and FOLLOW these information carefully 
++Safe rave and safer space principles:
– Any kind of misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic or insulting behavior will NOT be TOLERATED & you will be REMOVED from the event immediately
– If you notice any discrimination, shaming, sexual harassment or assault, please let us know immediately!
– You are free to express yourself, dance and have fun however you like
– Remember to ALWAYS ask for CONSENT CONSENT CONSENT and treat each other with RESPECT! 
– Look out for one another, if you notice that someone is not feeling well or going through any kind of insulting behavior by anyone please be ready to help.
– No photo/video allowed. 
– You can identify the Rawmantique Awareness Team wearing a Pink Safety Vest. 
In case you cannot find the team, please head to anyone at the cashier/Door/Backstage to help and support you immediately
*We can only party safely together if we take care of each other!
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