28. Sep
[ Performance ]
The Rated X Ball by European Mother Leo St Laurent
  • Mother Angelique Prodigy (DE)
    Mother Amber Vineyard (NL)
    Malakhai Balenciaga (DE)
    Mystic Ninja (FR)
    Mother Rheeda Ladurée (FR)
    Goma Milan
    Mother Leo Melody
    Ceekayin2u Ninja
  • 10,-
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In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Deutschen Hygiene-Museum kommen House of Saint Laurent & ihre geladenen Gäste zum ersten Mal in Dresden zusammen, um Ballroom Culture zu zelebrieren! Eine Kultur mit Ursprung in der Afroamerikanischen & Latino Gay- und Transgender Szene New Yorks der 1960er - kreiert als Mittel für Empowerment, Körperpositivität, Selbstliebe und Visibilität für ihre marginalisierte Gemeinschaft.

In cooperation with the German Hygiene Museum, House of Saint Laurent & Guests, come together in Dresden for the first time, to celebrate Ballroom Culture!

BUS TOUR from Berlin to Dresden on the 28 September 
INTENSIVE VOGUING WORKSHOP WEEK - 23-27 September,  daily 2 Workshops with the House of St Laurent Europe & Guests 23 at  Motion*s Tanz- und Bewegungsstudio


Mother Angelique Prodigy (DE) 
Mother Amber Vineyard (NL)
Malakhai Balenciaga (DE)
Mystic Ninja (FR)
Mother Rheeda Ladurée (FR)

MC: Goma Milan
HOST: Mother Leo Melody
DJ: Ceekayin2u Ninja

No matter if childhood dream or adult fantasy, superheroes offer us a role model and inspiration to become our own best version in everyday life! In the fight against HIV/AIDS several condoms ads tried to convey a more positive and fun message by using superheroes and fun slogans, in comparison to the rather serious adds when the virus first surfaced in the 1980s throughout the major breakout in the 1990s. 

Show us your super powers & stregth as a safe sex promoter in the battle against AIDS & HIV. Servi it in a Outfit inspired by the super power listed blow - for your 10´s bring a personal save sex slogan in form of a Flyer or Banner ( mandatory)

BQ Vogue Fem - be inspired by Anime Characters with Magical Powers like Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, DoReMi or others

FF Vogue Fem - Transformation & Mutation - be inspired by Squirrel Girl, Transformers, Mystique, Emma Frost, Turtles or the Beast ( X-Men) 

Virgin Performance - Element Manipulation - be inspired by Ang the last Airbender, Storm (X-Men), Auquamann, Icemann, Captain Planet 

Old Way - Flying - be inspired by the Saiyans (Dragonball), Iron Man or Superman/woman 

New Way - Super Stretch abilities - Be inspired by Elastigirl (the Incredibles), Mr Fantastic or Inspector Gadget, Dhalsim (street fighter)

I can be your fantasy baby - the definition of Fetish is a form of sexual desire in which gratification depends to an abnormal degree on some object,body part or item of clothing.
We don’t care about your preference, but let’s make it hot! 
Serve us high fashion fetish fantasy, bringing to live all the kink and forbidden desires -  (think heels, corsets, collars,- leather, latex, nylon, spandex, fishnet, stainless steel etc.)

BQ European: Sunday Church - We want to see your Runway version of a Saint or Sinner ready for the ceremony, fullfilling all our fetish desires no matter if naughty or nice.

FF European - Wedding - You’re the bride and dressed to make your other half blush or to dump the groom and run off with your ne found lover. Serve romantic kink - some kind of Transparency is mandatory in the outfit

All American - As a symbol of power, authority or subversiveness, Jackets and Coats play an important role in fetish fashion. Serve us the runway with your  fabulous jacket as the “IT” ITEM of you outfit, inspired by uniforms, chains, leather and bondange jackets.

Virgin Runway (2 Trophies:  / European)
Show the glove some love - and the shoe, too! Inspired by the shoe-and-glove-fetish, serve your runway look with matching gloves and over shoes - Be creative and don't forget the Kink! 
European OTA (Heels mandatory for FF/ optional for BQ)
All American ( Combat Boots mandatory)

BIZARRE  - The Molecule
Put your look under the microscope and make it grand! Get inspired by the detailed and otherworldly structure of molecules and serve us your Bizarre microbiological Look. 

Different from the Others (Anders als die Andern)
Believed to be the first pro-gay film in the world, “Anders Als die Andern” was released in 1919 during the Weimar Republic in Germany. It was co-written and co-funded by Magnus Hirschfeld, a German physician and sexologist, an outspoken advocate for sexual minorities and homosexual as well as transgender rights. The movie was produced as a response to the criminalisation of homosexuality. Eventually, the film succumbed to censorship laws and prints of the film were burnt by the Nazi regime as a “cleansing” effort in the “action against un-German spirit”.
In remembrance of the film and the queer culture of Berlin during the Weimar Republic, serve your first time in drag in an exquisite 1920’s/30s look. 
Drag Queen 
Drag King 

the Fight Against HIV & AIDS has many brave heroes. In the medical field, scientists work tirelessly to develop an even better understanding of HIV and AIDS, how they affect the body and how to develop pre-exposure (PrEP) as well as post-exposure treatment (PEP). Activists are pushing back against stigmatism and continue to educate, understanding that to succeed in the fight against this disease, it must happen not only on a local, but a global level.

Executive: Serve it as a scientist and commemorate their efforts. Showcasing one of your commendable works is mandatory. Be it a book, a poster or flyers! Get inspired by the achievements of scientists who did groundbreaking work: Dr. Adeeba, Flossie Wong-Staal, Francoise Barré-Sinoussi, Dr. Mathilde Krim, Dr. Kamarulzaman or Luc Montagnier, to name a few.  5 Trophies: BQ,FQ,TRANSMEN,DRAG,BUTCH

School Boy / School Girl: celebrating youth activist and initiatives like ACT UP from the from the 80´s or the  National Youth Aids/HIV awareness day, we want you to serve it a Youth HIV Activist. Don't forget to bring your poster promoting the cause you want to bring attention to! FF MF

Good boys always wear their rubbers! Promoting safe sex in campaign ads is a sensitive subject, especially for the LGBT+ community. When pro-condom promotion started in the 90s, many gay men felt that there was an unjust focus on gay sexuality, furthering stigmatism of homosexuality as something “unsafe” to begin with. Nowadays the rising numbers of STD infections that were on a recess before PrEP was as widely accessible are more of a concern. 
Whether you’re a good or a bad boy/girl or just an undercover lover- for this category, y’all gotta wear rubber!

Serve it in a mono colour sexy rubber outfit:
MF - serve it in Yellow, Red or Black (Rubber boots & raincoat mandatory)
FF - serve it in Blue, Pink or White (Umbrella & transparent raincoat mandatory)
Nonbinary - serve it in purple, khaki or orange (rain hat or cap  & raincoat mandatory) 

Serve us your fabulous body in a transparent delight
Transparent coat + colourful swimwear or skin coloured underwear mandatory
FF - Muscular vs Models Body & Luscious Body
MF - Muscular vs Models Body & Luscious Body

Hector Xtravaganza  & Luna Khan – Ad for Medication  - 
For the National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day the NYC Health Department created the campaign “¡Listos!”, featuring ballroom Icons Hector Xtravaganza and Luna Khan as role models for the younger generation. The add was printed in English and Spanish to improve  understanding & accessibility to PrEP, HIV testing, especially in the Latinx community.
Serve us face with your Team Partner and bring two printed version of your Team AIDS/HIV Awareness Add ( one version in english & one version in a language of your choice). Be creative with your Outfit - no identical outfits necessary, but we should see that you are serving it as a team.  

Team Trophie: teams can be mixed in any way MF  - FF - NON BINARY
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