05. Feb
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The Sonic Dawn
  • The Sonic Dawn
    Electric Turtles
  • Rock, 60's, Psychedelic
  • 13,-
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The Sonic Dawn return to Dresden on their biggest tour ever, in support of their new album «ECLIPSE». Don’t miss out on this multicolored experience at Ostpol.

Following their first two albums, The Sonic Dawn have toured Europe more or less constantly, sharing the stage with acts such as Graveyard. Recently the Danish trio supported desert rock legend and label mate, Brant Bjork, on 15 European dates (including Beatpol, Dresden), only returning home to focus on their biggest work to date:

«ECLIPSE» The Sonic Dawn's third LP, is the product of a full year’s labor, with all 13 tracks carefully selected among over 40 candidates. The result is a cinematic journey in sonic technicolor. Here, even the catchiest melody casts a mysterious shadow, and every mind altering solo is torn out of Emil Bureau’s guitar as if it owed him money.
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