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Concierto para guitarra clásica e imágenes
  • Fernando Bravo
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Fernando Bravo is a classical guitar composer/performer and neuroscience researcher from Argentina, living and working in Dresden. He is currently a post-doctoral researcher affiliated to the Department of Medicine at University of Cambridge (UK) funded by an Andrea von Braun Stiftung Fellowship (Germany). His neuroscientific research work is directed at understanding the neural correlates of emotion, through the use of music within audiovisual contexts and fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) studies. His career as a neuroscientist develops in parallel with his work as a guitar composer/performer. One could not endure without the other.

Shortly after a concert for classical guitar and image projections, which he performed at the Banff Centre on February 16th 2018 he was contacted by a researcher from Middlesex University (UK) Dr. Fabia Franco, and commissioned to compose and perform a ‘Concert for Classical Guitar and Visuals’, framed within a music intervention project titled: “Ameliorating well-being, development and integration in refugee families”. Being himself from Latinoamerica, and aware of the difficulties faced by refugees during migration and reintegration processes, he decided that he would compose and perform the concert for free. 

The “Concert for classical guitar and images” involves two components: a visual aspect (film and image projections) and a four-movements Concert for classical guitar that provides a simultaneous counterpoint to the visual images. The event at Hole of Fame will precede a future performance at Martin-Luther-Kirche (date to be confirmed). 
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