23. Mai
[ Konzert ]
Festival L*abore Warm Up
  • Madhouse Express
    Balcony DC
  • Rock'n'Roll, 60s
  • 5,- - 10,-
Veranstaltungs Bild
Madhouse Express: Czech psychedelic preachers, Madhouse Express, landed on the psych stage on May 2015. Their style is mix of fuzzy, hazy 60s hypnosis, traditional rock´n ´roll in it's rawest form and new experimental elements which together make up their unique and fresh sound on the Czech scene. Live, you can enjoy long jams and repetitive bass lines, drum attacks, intense guitar riffs and the dramatic excentric merciless appearance of the singer doing his magic on a synthesizer.

Balcony DC: A cheeky kiss gently touching your rosy cheeks as u dwell in their uplifting sounds leaving a whiff of ease and allowing u to take a break from ur daily duties. Not your typical synth wave band with heavy sound and whiny voices but with a witty sense of humor and soothing playful tunes!
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