23. Aug
[ Performance ]
Golden Paradise @ €urOPER
  • Pamela_ and her sons (NYC)
    Marcyanne (US)
  • Noise, Poetry
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Pamela_ and her sons (NYC) is the solo project of Carbon Anderson (1/2 of abstract noise duo BIG DED.) Fragmented, off-kilter microtonal composition with poetic texture, surreal diaristic immersion shifting from ambience to textural rhythm. Anderson’s work in sound shares a symbiotic relationship with painting, often exchanging references and themes of anxiety, relationships, and psychogeography. Recent releases include Golden Paradise on Truly Bald (2018) and Hurt Plaza on CGI Records (2017). BIG DED released JOYBENDER on Embalming Lately (Philly/NYC) in February 2018 and opened for SOPHIE MSMSMSM in April 2018 for Emory University’s WREK Anniversary. 
Pamela_ toured with Abdu Ali, W00dy, EEL TANK, Axine M, and i_like_dog_face in 2018. Pamela_and her sons aka Carbon Anderson, erects walls of electronic sounds that are sweetly inviting, yet sinisterly looming. Carbon layers eerie pitch shifted vocals with an amalgam of resonant, atmospheric modulations. Strobing in and out of tonal comfort zones, they create a tension in their music, a pleasurable discomfort, akin to blood rushing back into numb skin. -Rough Trade …Feels like sitting for a spell in the Red Room of Twin Peaks, microtonal pop wrapping around you like waves. The serpentine sound feels unnaturally alive. - Hopscotch Music A melange of frenzied sound exploration, Hurt Plaza is essential listening for the ADD generation, the net generation, post-modernists, et al… whatever you’re up to...Taking a hyperactive approach to production, Hoshor imposes a nervous, kinetic energy on the listener that effectively transfixes and mobilizes simultaneously. - Decoder Mag “Does this work in my headphones?” yields to “Does this work on a dance floor?”, which in turn yields to “Does this work in a separate plane of logic that I’m not aware of?” A ‘yes’ in all three layers... - Lee Adcock a self-aware enigma, balancing subtlety and terror. - Ben Braunstein, Creative Loafing Links: Sex Magazine: Pamela_ and her sons: Everywhere Shared Dirt (Official Video) Mask Magazine: Green Light Hurt Plaza (CGI Records) Golden Paradise (Truly Bald) Joybender - BIG DED (Embalming Lately)

Marcyanne is an American poet and performer currently living in the Appalachian mountains. Her work explores the elegance of the oneiric, sculpting a world just beyond meaning through extended abstraction, simultaneous narratives and sonic atmosphere. She has most currently performed for Black Mountain College Museum, Neo-Pastiche:Changes in American music (festival) and Mild Climate. 
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