11. Sep
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Rawmantique - 2 Years
  • Kryptic Universe (Lockertmatik, DD)
    Riedlow (Rawmantique, DD)
    Beatrice (Rawmantique, BLN)
    T-Rail (BLN)
  • Techno
  • 12,-
Between the unknown and reality,
We found a home and a shelter.
Some people might call it a womb,
others call it safety.
What you were seeking was love,
What I was seeking was also love.
Love; Physical, Spiritual... Emotional.
I whispered in your ears "It's alright"
You thought i was being dramatic,
I thought i was being fabulous,
You understood that, yes,
We are both tragic.
We spoke a little, danced a little.
Drank a little, and **** a little.
*** STARS *** WE SEE THEM ***
Whoever says we need to be ashamed of our love, has never felt it...
So we made a vow on the dance floor:
"We will give each other love"
And we locked it with techno and dreams.
We knew we were meant to be together right here,
Because we were and will always be each others favorite hopeless Rawmantique

NO casual street wear! 
Be CREATIVE and EXPRESS yourself
Feel free to dress in: lingerie, leather, latex, costumes, naked, kinky...etc.


TO AVOID QUEING at the door, we made a PAYPAL POOL for you!
Please write down your Full Name, Address, Email Address and/or phone number.
Strictly 18+
No photos/videos allowed
Please use the Corona app to log in and don't forget your medical mask. The current corona rules apply. Guests need a currently negative Corona test.
Due to limited capacity, no re-entry is allowed, after leaving during the event.
NO casual street wear! 
Be CREATIVE and EXPRESS yourself
Feel free to dress in: Sport, lingerie, leather, latex, costumes, naked, kinky...etc.
Safe rave and safe space principles  
- any kind of misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic or insulting behavior will NOT be TOLERATED.
- you are free to express yourself, to dress, dance and have fun however you like.
- remember to ALWAYS ask for consent and treat each other with RESPECT! if you notice any discrimination, shaming, sexual harassment or assault, please let us know immediately! 
- look out for one another, if you notice that someone is not feeling well or going through any kind of insulting behavior by anyone please be ready to help. 
REMEMBER: We can only party safely together if we take care of each other!

* Bring your masks habibis!
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