29. Feb
[ Konzert ]
Reverberation 2020
  • Dumbo Gets Mad (IT)
    L’Eclair (CH)
    Hodja (DK)
    Atomic Simao (UKR)
    Al Doum & The Faryds (IT)
    Suzan Köcher‘s Suprafon (GER)
    Samuel Ekkehardt Dunscombe (RSA)
    Michiko Owako (J)
    Manuel Pessoa De Lima (BRA)
    Movementon (GER)
    Popticum Collective (D)
    KdR Lichtmaschine (D) 
    Carlo Vivary (D)
  • Psychedelic, Rock
  • Festivalticket 27,50
Veranstaltungs Bild
Reverberation Fest is celebrating it’s 5 year existence at the last weekend of February 2020. Once again the 3-day-indoor-festival is characterized by a wide range of Psychedelic music and other forms of art. From 28.02. - 01.03. we celebrate half a decade with music, dance, performance and much more! Tickets are available now!
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